Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Kalyanathirkku Munn.. Enn Kaathalikku kadaisi kavithai..

Kaatru ennnidam pesiyatharkku yaar kaaranam.
Naan Iravil thaniyai sirithatharkku yaar kaaranam.

Thee pizhambu suduvatharkku enna kaaranam.
Kadalil alai adippatharkku enna kaaranam.

Amma samayal suvaipatharkku ethu kaaranam.
Appavin Aravanaippu sugam thara ethu kaaranam

Naan Kavithai ezhuthuvatharkku enn Kaathali Kaaranam..
Enn Nenju Malar Malarnthathukkum Avalae Kaaranam.

Nee Ennai Vittu sendralum.. Enn Kannai Vittu sellavillai..
Andru Karuvari ondru unnai thaangiyathu.. Ini Enn Iruthayavurai unnai thaangum..
Enn Anbu Kaadhalikku oraayiram puthiya muthangal...

Pina pettiyil yeri manavarai sendralum..
Ini yen kallarai vari.. Enakku thunai enn manaivi thaan..

Seed 9
- Gardener 46

"Nallavan yarr.. ada kettavan yarr.. kadaisiyil avanae mudivu seivan..
Pazhipodum ulam ingae.. Erimalai Vanthaal kooda.. Yeri nindru por thoduppom.."

Sunday, June 17, 2007

My First Night...

My First Night...

The night, which i will never forget...

The night, when someone pushed me into the room, I was so ashamed to go in..

The night, where i searched for a light in the dark..

The night, I saw only dim lights in the room..

The night, I saw a stanger coming to me with something on the hand.

The night, Where i was counting on something and the number was always below 10.

The night, I was mostly on the semi-conscious state..

The night, Eventhough i was tired.. But was not allowed to sleep for a long time..

The night, I slept next to a stranger..

The night, I woked up with wounds..

My First Night... in a police station "cell" :)

Seed 8
- Gardener46

Friday, November 03, 2006

Where is this T.Nagar?
Nobody knows accurately. It is just this lovely place in Chennai, which
if you decide to visit for the second time, you get a free seasonal
for a window-side bed in Kilpauk hospital.

Sounds like a holiday package..what if I manage a third visit?
You get one year free admission at Yervadi, next to Sethu Vikram. Cost
of chain included in the package.

Oh! You said it's a lovely place. Do people go there for sight-seeing?
Kinda yeah, it is Chennai's own version of "Suicide Point"

Can we shop there?
There are just two things you can do at T.Nagar. One,shop and two,die.
The former is optional though.

My wife wants some good silk sarees. Where do I take her?
Push her into Pothys and run. This is your best chance to live with
self respect in future.

What if I stay?
You automatically qualify for Bihar elections.

What if I go in too?
If you are Gopi, you'll come out as Gopi 65.

I heard gold is pretty cheap at some place there?
Very cheap yeah, not just the rate. I guess you are talking about
Ranganathan Street, Annachi shop.

Ya ya. How do I go there?
You just need to stand at the start of that street. Close your eyes.
Open your eyes. You are inside Annachi shop, courtesy : fellow

Can I take my vehicle?
Shut up! Even Laloo wouldn't do that!

Oh is it very crowded?
Yeah, by the time you count the number of people around you, they can
telecast Junoon twice.

Junoon?? What's that?
Kadavule! Paathathu illiya Junoon neenga? Periya athu megaserial.

Pesuvaanga maathi maathi thamizh athula.

Oh! By the way, do men shop in T.Nagar?
Wise men stay away. Married men do shop.

I heard there are lots of platform shops?
There is no platform. Only shops.

Whatever, how good are they?
Very good infact. You get all sortsa brands including Nykee, Ribok and
Adeedas. At cheap rates that too!

Hey isn't that phony? The spellings are all messed up!!
Naah. They have been changed according to numerology, that's all.

Fine. Is there any good restaurant there?
Ya, Saravana Bhavan.

Wow! What would I get there for, say 50 rupees?
Quite a lot. Half a dosa, 5 ml Sambhar and some pebbles.

Pebbles? Why??
Huh, you are dumber than a crow! To raise the level of sambhar

That's bad. But I heard there's a hot chips too?
You'll be a hot chip yourself once you step into Ranganathan Street.

How is the air pollution level in T.Nagar?
One deep breath and you'll die on the spot, money back guarantee.

So many issues, eh? Finally, what's the best thing about T.Nagar?
Variety. So many shops, so many dresses and so many accessories. Even
you escape death by other mean, you'll be confused to death!

"I recognize that I may be wrong.This makes me insecure.My sense of
insecurity keeps me alert,always ready to correct my errors.-George
Soros "

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- Gardener46

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

This seed is dedicated to my aunty who is suffering from breast cancer. Her appointment with the god is approved and she is counting her days. I consulted my doctor, Dr. Chandrasekar, regarding this breast cancer, He explained me about this for atleast 90 mins. What he says is most of the womens who are affected by this disease are not consulting the doctor because of shameness.. This is very bad and i always insist to have a comfortable family doctor with whom we can discuss all these things.. Here are some links which can help you to know what exactly this disease is..

Prevention : Cancer causes an estimated 500,000 deaths per year around the globe. Doctors around the globe suggest to have a proper lifestyle to prevent cancers. After reading this article i felt that indian traditional lifestyle is always the best.

Note: 2 in 100 Patients are Men, who suffer from breast cancer.

- Gardener46

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Suttathu than.. But nalla time pass..

Read (Sing) it as "NewYork Nagaram Urangum..."

Chennai nagaram urangum neram...
veyilum uyarndadhu dhoosi parandadhe...
share auto iRangiye kaatrum tharayil nadandadhe...
naangu kannadi cubicle ulle naanum computerum...
thanimai thanimayoa...
thanimai thanimayoa kodumai kodumayo...


sirithu sirithu pesi.. ennudan lunch thinna nee illai....
programil ezhum kuzhappam thannai theerka nee inge illai
naan offshoril neeyum onsiteil indha thanimayil nimishangaL varusham aanadheno........
user id ingae password ange indha uvamaikkum iruvarum viLakkam aanadhu yaeno*


outlook il nooRu muRai undhan peyarai type seyyum endhan keyboard..
ezhudhiyadhum monitoril eRumbu moikka un peyarum aanadhenna thaena....
jill endru AC irundhum indha tharuNathil power cut pola thondruvadhu yaeno....
vaa anbe neeyum vandhaal vending machine coffee kooda thaen pola maaRume...

Chennai nagaram urangum neram...
veyilum uyarndadhu dhoosi parandadhe...
share auto iRangiye kaatrum tharayil nadandadhe...
naangu kannadi cubicle ulle naanum computerum...
thanimai thanimayoa...
thanimai thanimayoa kodumai kodumayo...


You can rewrite any paragraph and comment it.. Awesome comments will be rewarded with 50 bugs. :)

Yosinga.. Parisa Vellunga..

- Gardner46

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Pona Varusham... Intha Neram!!!

Year 2005

He and She are engaged. Both are working in Bangalore, while their parents are at Chennai. They are going by the same train to Chennai. Incidentally, the first time they are traveling together. Time 10:00 PM

She: Ivlo seekram station vandaachu. Naan usual aa 10.45 train kku, 10.30 kku dhaan varuven
He: Naan direct aa cantonment la dhaan eruven
She: He he
He: Seri adha vidu. Water bottle vaangindu varen
She: Seri.. (He comes back in 2 minutes, catching his breath)
She: Yaen ippadi odi vare? Porumaya varalaam la?
He: Illai ma. Nee thaniya irukke illa. Adhaan
She: Aiyoo Idhaan first time naan yaar koodayavadhu poren. Usually naan thaniya dhaan varuven
He: Hmmmm
She: Seri train la yeralaam vaa.. (They get into the train)
She: Side upper, side lower aa book panne?
He: Aaamam. So that we can talk for sometime. Matha berth la yerina udane ellarum thoongiduvaanga
She: Adhuvum seri dhaan.. (Train starts)
She: Adutha varusham, idhe neram we will be going to Chennai for our first pongal after marriage He holds her hand tightly, and gives her one Cadburys temptation chocolate
She: So sweet.She splits the chocolate into smaller bits, and feeds him the first bit
He: You know what? Naan nenachi kooda paakale. That I will fall head over heels for someone.
She: Same here da (By this time, almost all passengers are asleep. And someone tells He to talk slowly since he is too loud)
He: vaa. Door kitta polaam.. (He and she are the door. He opens the door, and they sit at the steps)
She: Yappa. Kulurarudhu.He puts his hand over she's shoulder. After some sweet nothings for some 1 hr, they get in and sleep(Ofcourse at their respective berths)

Year 2006

He and She are married for 9 months by now. He and she get into the train.
She: Endha berth?
He: Rendume upper berth. No disturbance
She: Hmmmm
He: Seri. Thanni bottle kodu
She: Station la vaangikalaam nu kelambachaye sonnen la
He: Munnadiye solla vendiyadhu dhaane! Ippo paar train kelamba innum 5 nimisham dhaan irukku
She: masa masa nnu pesinda irundha andha 5 nimisham kooda irukaadhu
He: cha!! He runs and gets the water bottle, just when the train starts.
She yawns and says
She: Seri. Naan thoonga poren.
He: Ok. (After the TTR checks the tickets, he also gets into his berth and tries to sleep. He is not able to sleep after a while, due to some conversation happening below.He turns towards the couple in the side-upper and side-lower berth)
He: Excuse me. If you don't mind, konjam medhuva pesareengaLa. We all are sleeping here!The side-upper, side lower couple walk towards the door..

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Oru azhagana veedu.. antha veetula motham rendu room.. onnu bedroom, innonu hall. Rendu bachelors antha room'la thangi irunkkkanga. kaalaila veeta pootittu velai'kku povaanga, athooda avanga entry night thaan.. Ippadiyaga pala naal pochu.. antha veetula innoru jeevanum irunthathu.. oru karuppu karappanpoochi.. Intha pasanga rendu perum night bedroom'la thoongum pothu.. antha karappanpoochi hall'la jolly'a walking pogum..

Oru naal oru roommate'oda amma & appa vanthuttanga.. so appa'vum amma'vum bedroom'la thoonga, ivanunga rendu perum hall'la thoongittanunga. Daily hall'la walking pora namma karappanpoochi.. annaikkum vanthuthu.. ivanunga athu walking pora vazhila thoongittu irunthaanga..

Paduthukittu iruntha oruthan mela karappanpoochi yeriduchu.. namma thoongumpothu oru karappanpoochi mela yeruna eppadi irukkum.. oru maathiri koosathu.. pattunu enthirichan.. karappanpoochiya adichaan.. Iranthathu namathu karappanpoochi..

Intha karappanpoochi'oda uyir ponathukku enna karanam, illa yaru karanam'nu ninaikireenga...

naanaee rendu moonu option tharalamnu parthen.. aana unga karpanai thiranai naan thadukka virumbala.. Ungal karuthukkalai ethir paarkiren..

vidhai 3
- Gardener46